We invite you to join us and help make Cobham a healthier, happier village to live in.


Transition Cobham is bringing change to our community and it's easy to get involved. You don't need any specific skills, just plenty of enthusiasm. Help us to build a more sustainable future and have fun along the way!

Plant Swap and Sale
Plant Swap and Sale

Plant Swap and Sale
Plant Swap and Sale


We're a grassroots organisation working on creating a greener and more sustainable Cobham. 

We aim to build resilience, encourage sustainability and connect the community. The key areas we're addressing are Food, Transport, Waste and Energy.


Our groups are working on various projects, ranging from improving public transport in Cobham and surrounding areas to building a community garden with space for people to learn how to grow and harvest their own food.

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”― Mary Wollstonecraft, Frankenstein

The events of the last year have been shocking. It is not only the early loss of life and problems with long term health for so many but also that so many have fallen into poverty as economies have shrunk.

And the pandemic is played out against the ever-present threat of climate change. Political events cannot be overlooked, some pointing to optimism, one being the US re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement.

How the world resets after this, if it does at all, will define our future and 2021 could be the pivotal year. Will we head toward a cleaner, fairer, stronger world, or move in the opposite direction. This year offers moments for progress, not least the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November.

Will the unprecedented borrowing of funds be used to promote greater equity in our society. Will they be used to support clean, low-carbon projects, or dirty, fossil fuel-based infrastructure? There’s growing recognition of just how essential natural landscapes are for reducing emissions, preserving biodiversity, feeding growing populations and even securing the right economic growth. But other signs have had the world heading in the wrong direction not least with the ongoing (and increasing) loss of tropical forest.

Locally we are allowed to get out and about to exercise and lucky to live in Elmbridge. It is good that the Cobham Community Garden will now be open every Saturday morning from 10am -12 noon to anyone who is interested in communal gardening. As we are still officially in Lockdown, there is a need to observe social distancing along with other measures. For more information please contact