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We invite you to join us and help make Cobham a healthier, happier village to live in.


Transition Cobham is bringing change to our community and it's easy to get involved. You don't need any specific skills, just plenty of enthusiasm. Help us to build a more sustainable future and have fun along the way!


We're a grassroots organisation working on creating a greener and more sustainable Cobham. 

We aim to build resilience, encourage sustainability and connect the community. The key areas we're addressing are Food, Transport, Waste and Energy.


Our groups are working on various projects, ranging from improving public transport in Cobham and surrounding areas to building a community garden with space for people to learn how to grow and harvest their own food.

News and Events

Thank you to those who joined us for  the Annual Heritage Walk and in pulling Himalayan Balsam along the River Mole. There is remarkedly less of that now and next year we will look to study the way native flowers have returned.


Cobham Community Garden was last year commended in an award by Britain in Bloom as being a “Thriving …… and wonderful place to come along and learn how to grow a variety of different crops." That was achieved very much due to the devotion of two stalwarts, Gill and Mark Money. The garden faces a challenge with their moving out of the area to the New Forest. But the garden is looking good and continues with the benefit of their knowledge. It is open for you to drop in from 10-12 on Thursdays and Saturdays (Groups can visit by arrangement at other times). Thank you, Elmbridge Borough Council and other organisations for the continuing support. 


Apart from activities, the raising of awareness on environmental issues can be controversial and sometimes divisive. That is not our intention.  However hard any of us tries, our lifestyle will be adding to pollution in some way. The aim is to minimise that and get in place some measures that counter current trends.




What a week this last of September has proved to be  with the most recent climate change demonstrations and the Greta Thunberg speech at the United Nations.

Among other announcements Sainsburys have said that they will reduce their plastic footprint by 50% by 2025. They do of course start from a high point and we have to ensure that this and those of other organisations are not part of a “greenwash”, more PR than reality.


Plant Swap and Sale