Transition Cobham's History


Transition Cobham was born on the 22nd of January 2013 on a snowy evening in Cobham. We held our first meeting in Church Gate House at St. Andrew's Church. We were joined by John Fellowes from Transition Town Kingston who told us about their experience with setting up an initiative. 


Since that first meeting, we've held a clothes swap and a plant swap, carried out a public transport survey, launched our #reuseyourbag campaign, made 20 litres of apple juice by pressing local windfalls, opened a community garden, promoted local walks, collaborated with St. Andrew's Church on the screenings of 'Waste Land', 11th Hour' and "a Good Year" and attended many events with our Transition Cobham stall.


For our first birthday, we created a slideshow entitled 'A Year in the Life of Transition Cobham'. For our second birthday, we created another slideshow. This time it was entitled 'A SECOND Year in the Life of Transition Cobham' and so we have progressed from year to year so that in prospect in January 2018 we will be celebrating out 5th bithday!


We have held a number of workshops amd there are half yearly open meetings. Watch the news page for the next one in October 2017.