Public Transport


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The Public Transport group focused on improving bus routes in Cobham. This concern came to the fore in February 2013 during our Cobham in 2018 vision exercise. The group carried out a very thorough survey and received more than 100 responses. They were able to ascertain that there is a need for a bus route which services Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon station, Oxshott, Downside, Weybridge and Brooklands Retail Park.


They identified a community concern called “transport poverty” where people are not able to accept college places or work in certain areas because the bus routes do not serve those areas.

For example, it was extremely difficult to get to Brooklands Retail Park using public transport. Cobham High Street has become too expensive for some residents and Brooklands offers affordable shopping. Also, the nearest town with a Job Centre Plus office is in Weybridge, a 2.5 hour walk from Cobham.


The public transport group set out to improve buses in Cobham and a Community Interest Company was formed to run a new bus service. The Chatterbus is now a registered charity and its website can be found here.